Dino (Claude) Boselli spent his childhood in West Africa before moving back to France to complete his college studies. After graduation, he embarked on an exciting career as international consultant. As part of his work assignments, he lived in several countries on 4 continents before relocating to Silicon Valley in year 2000, right at the time of the digital gold rush.
He's been living in this surprising place since then.

Dino has strong interests for anything related to Illustration, Concept Art and Motion pictures.
He got the virus for Animation in 2004 after an evening Lecture on Stop Motion given by one of the Lead Animators on "Matrix Revolutions", and is currently a part-time apprentice sorcerer at the Academy of Art of San Francisco in the Visual Development department.

His artwork is often influenced by his journeys in Africa, and French Polynesia. He views local folklores as incredible sources of inspiration for new storylines;

"I hope to be able to tell my own animated stories one day and, why not, dedicate 100% of my time to it!"

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